Facebook’s Stock- Why did it fall apart?

Lately there has been a lot of buzz about Facebook’s stock and it’s dropping value. One possible explanation has to do with inconsistencies in ad space. Facebook makes money through ads on every page. These ads are tailored to the person using the page based on browser history and even subjects mentioned on the site itself. Most of the people who use Facebook, however, access their profiles on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets through Android or iOS applications. There are many third-party applications that can do this, but only one is sponsored by Facebook itself.

The problem with this is that because there are no ads, there is no revenue generated by views from mobile devices. Relatively new computers (like my 2011 MacBook) are able to open applications downloaded from the Internet or purchased through application stores. Similarly to mobile devices, some do not have sponsored ads, streamlining the user’s experience to only the important information. Even if Facebook did decide to put ads on every device, a user could still download any one of these ad-free apps.

What do you think Facebook should do? Is there any way to Increase interest in investors?

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