Competing Application Platforms

Technology is moving exceptionally quickly, or so it has seemed lately. With the advent of the iPhone and Android smartphones, software once only available for use on computers is now accessible through mobile devices. Even gaming consoles like Microsoft’s xBox 360 can now access applications downloaded from the Web, like Netflix and Facebook. It seems like most things that people use every day are now able to do this. There are refrigerators with touch screens and access to Twitter, and cars that can play music from web-based radio applications like Pandora. What will be next? As with every new technology, it seems like it is only a matter of time until someone finds a way to exploit insecurities. Cars with in-dash computers could be hacked, and with access to multiple platforms in a person’s house, the risk of compromise could be immense. Too many people who use the internet are unaware of the risks involved in purchases that use credit card numbers. Digital keychains can hold multiple passwords, including those with access to information as critical as bank accounts. Security measures might improve as well, but how likely is it that they will cover every possible insecurity, even as they are discovered? As easy as these improvements in technologies make our lives easier, we must beware the consequences. Convenience does have a price.

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