Presidential Visit to the University of Wisconsin

A note to all readers: unlike my other posts, this one is entirely opinion-based (not related to technology whatsoever) and should be read as such. As always, comments are expected and encouraged.

As I write this, I am taking shelter from the impending rain in a cafe outside the University of Wisconsin’s communications building, sipping a double espresso and watching crowds of liberal voters walk by. The vast majority of them are headed to Bascom hill to see the ‘leader of the free world’ give a speech about why he should be reelected. 

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At 9 a.m., people had already begun to line up on Observatory Drive, though the gates aren’t scheduled to open until noon. At 10 a.m., the University released a statement about possible problems with cellular reception due to the large number of people on campus all using their phones. It is now just a quarter to noon, and though the crowds have dispersed on their way to Bascom hill, some stragglers remain, ambling about aimlessly. Just a few moments ago, a classmate asked me to print out and turn in her assignment in our next class, since she would not be attending in favor of the rally. I have to wonder: at what point does attending this rally become worth missing assignments, and a failure to attend class?

My issue with the rally is its reasoning (or lack thereof). Yes, Wisconsin is a swing-state and requires more campaign related attention than most other states. Most conservatives, however, tend to reside in more rural parts of Wisconsin, whereas Madison and Milwaukee are well-established democratic communities. It is with this logic that I would assume Obama could garner maybe a few marginal votes in Madison, but most of the people attending his rally are fans, rather than undecided voters. It would make more sense for him to have visited, say, Lawrence University in Appleton just a few hours north of here, where he would have a higher likelihood of winning over undecided voters. Here, he is preaching to the choir, so to speak.

Like many voters, I watched the first debates between Governor Romney and President Obama last night, and in retrospect, there may be more justification for Obama’s speech here. I say this only because of the possibility that some of Obama’s voter base may be reconsidering him, since Romney seemed more in control of the debate yesterday. This, of course, is debatable in and of itself, but it may merit consideration.

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